Best Ever Ka Huna with Nicholas Bestevaar

I'm passionate about this beautiful form of bodywork and its potential for deep healing. My own journey as a practitioner of this sacred art has been profoundly transformative, and in giving treatments I share the blessings I have received with each and every Soul who visits my table. The space I hold during each session is one of Aloha – compassion, caring, kindness, nurturing and unconditional love. I'm here to offer you the chance to open your heart and reconnect with your true self. To deepen into your essence of being and find your source of inner power and joy. To free yourself from restrictions and be limitless. To return to being in the present moment. To know in your body that really, there is only love, and that deep down, you are love itself. All of this is possible with this amazing bodywork – you just show up, and let go. Please see my website for glowing testimonials. :-) Have a joyful day!
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